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Team Development

Establishing Cohesive and High Functioning Teams:
Team Development

Partners for Organizational Success LLC understands both the desire and challenge in building teams within your organization. Although teaming is recognized as the approach of choice, developing effective and efficient teams appears elusive to many companies. Research shows that, of the approximately fifty percent of companies in the United States that attempt or believe that they have team-based organizations, only seven percent have actually achieved teaming.

Partners for Organizational Success LLC can help your organization build effective teams that focus on company production. Creating teams require more than simple adherence to team values or undertaking team building exercises. Components necessary to transform a group into a team include:

  • Adequate management support
  • Commitment to a common purpose
  • Understandable and challenging performance goals
  • Integrated processes
  • Established mutual accountability
  • Proper team member skills
  • Definable products and services produced in a collaborative and consensual manner

Partners for Organizational Success LLC helps organizations create and strengthen their teaming approach by:

  • Defining and establishing team success criteria
  • Determining team membership
  • Assisting teams through formation and production phases
  • Guiding team communication and interactions among members, with management, and with other teams
  • Utilizing tools such as Meyers-Briggs Type Inventory assessment

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Effective teams focus on results and accomplish more than individuals can accomplish

Research shows that teaming is difficult to establish

Teams require core components from leadership, members and infrastructure

Team makeup and communication are key to a team's success