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Safety Conscious Work Environment

Responding to Employee Issues:
Creating a Safety Conscious Work Environment

An engaged, motivated workforce is critical to optimum productivity. Encouraging an open environment where issues are readily identified and resolved leads to organizational growth and learning.

Unresolved employee issues can harbor challenges to safety and result in unnecessary process downtimes, damage to equipment, or danger to employees. It is unfortunate when parts of the organization know of problems but negative consequences still occur. Unresolved employee issues act as distracters to productivity. Oftentimes, the energy spent explaining away problems and their precursors exceeds the energy required to fix the problem.

These negative consequences generally are not the result of malicious intent on the part of management. Organizational leaders intend to neither create discontent in the workforce nor allow safety issues to exist until they get out of control. Instead, leaders’ focus on production and operation allows employee concerns to appear counter to the business mission. However, addressing these types of concerns is critical to the business mission.

Recognizing the importance and potential impact of employee concerns is a developed skill necessary to create an organization capable of growing and learning. An effective leadership team knows how to assess work environment situations, understands "duty to act" responsibilities, and deals with difficult employee issues. These actions uncover dangers to production and safety while providing valuable real-time informational and educational opportunities for the entire workforce.

Challenges to addressing employee issues include:

  • Understanding the value of addressing employee issues
  • Recognizing employee issues
  • Balancing the resources and time devoted to addressing issues
  • Developing and implementing sufficient actions to resolve issues

Understanding and mastering each of these challenges opens the organization to increased positive information flow, improved safety and quality, and enhanced morale.

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An open, engaged workforce is critical to productivity and growth

Understanding employee issues and addressing them in a timely manner improves safety and efficiency

Focus on production and operation should include employee concerns

An effective leadership team understands and deals with employee issues

Understanding and mastering employee issues results in improved communications, safety, quality, and morale