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Partners for Organizational Success, LLC

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Organizational Development

Understanding and Leveraging the Complete System:
Organizational Development

Operating your organization is a complex task. Developing your organization requires you to recognize important issues and their interdependencies.

Organizational Development is a process that utilizes research and experiential based techniques to combine behavioral management and business science to enable organizations to grow and function successfully.

With the goal to increase effectiveness, organizational development:

  • Focuses on total system change to integrate and balance key organizational components - behavioral science, management techniques, and business processes
  • Develops a clear understanding of the state of the organization
  • Creates a viable, coherent, shared vision of the future organization
  • Provides for lasting improvements through engrained, long-term learning and problem-solving techniques
  • Establishes effective cultural norms, including patterns of values, attitudes, beliefs, assumptions, and expectations on the part of management and the employees
  • Crafts intact work teams to identify and resolve both challenges and opportunities utilizing collaborative, continuous learning methods

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Understanding important issues and their interdependencies is key to developing organizations

Research, experience, behavioral management, and business science enable organizations to grow

Success results from recognizing the total organizational system and its components including senior leadership's vision, cultural norms, leadership techniques, and work team performance