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Culture Change

Developing the Personality of an Organization:
Culture Assessment and Change

An organization's culture is fundamental to instituting change. Prevailing attitudes, beliefs, assumptions, and expectations of the workforce shape the culture. In turn, the culture shapes the processes an organization uses to function. The culture drives the events and creates the outcomes within the organization. A good culture generates sustainable organizational success.

The organization creates and shapes its culture based on:

  • Basic assumptions developed from organizational history and surroundings
  • Mechanisms employed by groups to work within the organization while interfacing with their customers, community, and other interests
  • Beliefs in what has worked in the past

An engrained culture:

  • Formulates the way people think, feel, and react to short-term and long-term issues and strategies
  • Determines the processes built and utilized by the workforce
  • Becomes the standard for teaching members new to the organization

Partners for Organizational Success LLC can help you shape your culture by utilizing tools to define its current state, describe the organization's direction, and determine actions to achieve success using tools such as:

  • Needs assessments
  • Action planning / process improvement
  • Action implementation
  • Action monitoring
  • Implementation assessment

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An organization's culture is fundamental to instituting change

Assumptions and beliefs shape the culture

The culture formulates people's reactions and determines an organization's processes

Tools are available to define an organization's state, direction, and actions to achieve success