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Team Structure

Team based structures are different from those found in hierarchical type groups. Hierarchical groups generally operate in a directive or consult type mode whereas teams operate in a consensus or delegate type mode.

Team Structure - Directive Mode
In a direct mode, the leader makes the decisions and directs the team on a course of action. The group members individually perform their functions and relate to the leader as shown in Figure 1.


Team Structure - Consult Mode

In a consult mode, the leader solicits ideas and opinions from the group. The leader makes the important decisions affecting the group. As shown in Figure 2, the group members individually perform their function although they may interact with one another and the leader.


Team Structure - Consensus Mode

In a consensus mode, the leader solicits and includes the team in decision-making. All members of the team make decisions, plan, and problem solve. As shown in Figure 3, each member, including the leader, shares this responsibility and feels that they can accept and support the decisions. Sharing responsibility with the team members allows the leader time to spend on larger organizational issues that affect the team performance.


Team Structure - Delegate Mode

In a delegate mode, the team makes the day-to-day team decisions. As shown in Figure 4, although still responsible for the team performance, the leader provides strategy, resources, and guidance to the team while allowing the team members to chart the day-to-day activities.


To enable a team approach, the hierarchical structure needs to transform to one of collaboration. This allows the individual group members to become interactive team members who are mutually responsible and accountable for the decisions that affect the team and its output. This type of structure transforms the traditional boss role into a coaching and strategic planning function.

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