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Team Leader Responsibilities

Team Leader ContributionsA good leader is essential to development and performance of a team. A skilled leader recognizes the capabilities of each individual member and the aggregate capability of the team. The leader matches the team’s challenges with the individuals’ skills and the team’s potential. The leader helps customers and other interested parties see the team’s abilities by promoting the team’s achievements and successes.

The team leader gives positive feedback and recognition to the team. Although the team’s ultimate satisfaction is its own success, the leader can ensure that the team realizes its accomplishments

The team leader is the coach. As a coach, the leader should remain aware of the individual and group dynamics of the team. The leader ensures that everyone is heard and respected. The leader continually questions the members, challenging the team not to reach decisions or conclusions prematurely, but instead to explore all the feasible avenues to achieve the maximum success.

The leader’s role as coach and facilitator is important in a team. During periods of conflict, the leader can direct this conflict from destructive, personal attacks, to productive questioning and refining of the purpose, goals, processes, and mutual accountability. The team leader can ensure that the team has a strong performance focus by revisiting team basics, emphasizing the successes no matter how small, exposing the team to new approaches, obtaining outside advice, or reforming the team.

Leader as FacilitatorShould the team stray and their success become elusive, the leader can have the team revisit its common purpose and goals. Besides renewing the energy and focus, revisiting the purpose and goals can allow the team to modify their direction contingent on unanticipated or differing directives. The leader can challenge the team with new information that could broaden their understanding of challenges and potentially modify their common purpose or goals. The team should be expected to revisit its purpose and goals throughout its life.

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