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Safety Conscious Work Environment

SCWE IntroductionCulture is a very difficult to topic to define and understand because much of what we consider “culture” operates in the subconscious of most people. It takes the form of assumptions and values that lead to beliefs that drive behavior. Culture is analogous to an iceberg, in that much of an organization’s culture is below the surface and not easily seen. This fact tends to make it very difficult to discuss and hold the interest of organizational leaders. Understanding the concepts of culture, however, is critical for successful organizational change and adaptation.

The organization’s environment is one component of its culture. An open, appropriately critical environment contributes to an organization where learning and improvement are standard. The ability for employees and management to identify both major and minor issues allows growth and staves challenges to production. Establishing and maintaining such an environment requires processes to facilitate such actions and a vigilance to prevent erosion of sustaining attributes.

A Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE) is an environment where management and employees feel comfortable raising issues important to them and these issues are resolved with commitment, respect and timeliness. The label is born from the commercial nuclear power industry and created by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The concept is applicable to all regulated and non-regulated organizations that desire constant learning and improvement.

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SCWE Steps